Talentpalooza - The Art of Talent

This is a unique event unlike anything else on the HR event calendar.

We have many ways you can partner with us, from our Headline packages to cost effective alternatives to be truly part of the event.

Talentpalooza offers a highly unique event for supporting Partners.

You are in the same room, not on the outskirts, so you can connect and create real connections with all the delegates.

You are part of the event!  

Only limited by your creativity, you will have the opportunity to engage with prospects through a number of different routes, each offering its own core value proposition.

You can speak, host a table or create an experience. The venue space is huge so if you have an idea, let us know! It’s up to you! 

Request our Sponsorship Brochure and discover how we can help you meet your business objectives.

Want to join us at Talentpalooza

or discuss our partner opportunities and how we could come up with a multi-channel approach to help you hit your business objectives for the entire year.