Talentpalooza is set to again deliver on being boldly distinctive in the world of talent conferences.

Join 300+ talent specialists to focus on talent transformation, unique story telling, people analytics, branding and marketing, sourcing and much more.

  • 3 Stages
  • Unlimited fantastic community led content
  • A great talent team day out – learning & fun!
  • 1 cool afterparty
  • 1 day of celebrating what we do!
  • Every costume shop in Melbourne sold out!

Talentpalooza is a day to bring together the TA and HR community to celebrate, provoke, inspire and energise ourselves for the year ahead. 

The buzz is already building with a number of teams booking their ticket. 

We set about to create an event that is strong on content, not compromising on bringing amazing stories of those that have creating new ways of approaching our work, achieving change and brilliant outcomes and pushing our industry forward. 

Each year this event builds as the must attend event, a place where entire teams can join their community to learn and have fun.

Want to join us at Talentpalooza